Thursday, August 12, 2010

My Arm is Attached

This morning i went for my final Physio for my dislocated shoulder. This morning physio session also included an evaluation. Something i was excited to be getting done. The arm is feeling a whole lot better, and after each week goes by it seems so much better than the week before. However getting solid measured improvements listed for me was exciting.

So the results were very good. I still have a bit to go on my flexibility and range, but it is getting there. I have a long way to go on strength. It seems the last 10 weeks have drained my shoulder of most of it's strength. So now it is onto light weights to get the arm back in shape. Maybe soon i can go off roading again or rebuilding my house in some way. Maybe i can even go play some tennis again soon. Woohoo!

So i did not post last night, my mind was full to the brim with excitement for todays results, and so i went to bed early. Completely forgetting to post a blog post. So i will most likely do two today of course :)

I need to get back to my bug hunting in someone elses network code...


  1. Is that Alex's network code :D

  2. LOL, Nope it is not. It is in The Midway for PS3 Home and we never let Alex work on any of that stuff :)

    Da VoodooChief