Saturday, August 14, 2010

Planning for WM7

I haven't yet setup a machine to handle giong to Windows 7, so i am a bit stuck as far as trying it out. (i have all machines here at home on XP). I do not mind the change up to Windows 7, and i sure hope it acts as an upgrade and not a fresh install. I just have too much stuff to want to re-install it all. Thyough a nice pristine machine does sound appealing.

Anyway i also use T-Mobile but am a little excited to see if T-Mobile wil offer WM7 phones. I like my phone, it is old, it is a simple clamshell. Going to a touch sensitive screen one is scary, i am wondering just how long it will last till i break it (usually by dropping it!). But i shall get one anyway to work on the WM7 Xna stuff. I am already planning some new game designs around both the Xblig and WM7 platforms. Time will tell how that works out. But it might actually be able to recoup it's costs.

One nice thing about going to WM7 is that i do have 4 games that i can port... Watch this space, but more than likely it will be The Dreamland Chronicles game first. (as it is my simplist and will get more awareness for my friends IP).


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