Friday, August 27, 2010

Xblig - A Shooter and more

It has been a very busy bunch of days for me this week. I have been very productive though and hopefully soon Xblig playtest will see some of the work i have been doing.

I will start with A Shooter...
I have been rewriting the highscore sharing class, even though it works in my game. The reason for this is simply because i cannot score share while actually playing my levels. Due to the massive garbage collection issues it stutters my side scroller so badly for a second or so, you will mostly die. That would be unfair and go against my friendly none cheating game policy. So i have rewritten the component to make it so there is no garbage collection (ok, there is a teeny tiny bit). Now i knwo i could have updated to the version2 component, but to be honest. When i lokoed at it, it was huge. I don't write huge anything. I write simple small amounts of code. So i have it mostly working and tonight when i have obtained my friends Xbox, i will be testing the score sharing once more. Efficiency is the name of the game here. A couple of frames hiccup ill be ok, but any more than that and i will have to work on it some more.

I think that after i have gotten this all working i will spend a bit of time tidying up the names of some of the variables and then put it here on the blog for people to use or reference if they want. The reason the names of variabels are a bit odd in places is because they were there while i was cutting the code base down. After it works will be the time to name verything to be more explanatery.

Tomorrow i will post about A Dreamland Chronicles Game update and the idea of Episodic content.


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