Friday, August 13, 2010

New Mass Media video channel on Youtube

One of my workmates has finally setup a youtube channel for the company i work for. It includes a number of videos he actually edited. Here is the link
Youtube MassMedia

I hope ya enjoy the videos. We try to make them a little light hearted, and just wait till ya see the new one for our new items in Home called Sneak Attack.

Xblig and A Shooter,
Well there is now just a measly 2 more days to go till my Kickstarter Project fails. I am taking the time to rest up and make notes on what aspects of the game i want to alter/work on. Also notes on what needs to be removed, like the work in progress Networked multiplayer, or the inclusion of Avatars. All for another project. why do i drop these i hear ya ask?

Well it comes down to economics. Will these added quality items make the game sell more. The simple answer is nope. The complicated answer is well, more complicated. To start with i shall mention the adage for Indie games devs. 'Make a game YOU wanna make'. Well with A Shooter i have. So if avatars are missing i don't care, well in some ways i don't. It is just i would love to add more quality, which will net me a better conversion rate, but i still am unlikely to be able to get my game seen by more than a coupe of thousand Xbox owners. And in that last statement lies my problem. If i believed that adding in several months of dev time and features would allow my game to be seen a larger audience. Then i would without a doubt add more fluff and quality.

Now i don't blame anyone, and i have tried quite a lot of different things to get noticed. so far i seem to be alergic to the Zombie or Avatar popularity (adding in those things is another set of posts entirely). Though i have to say that i find it quite disturbing that a game i do not respect (Avatar Showdown) has been on the main Indie page now for several months. This is a single button game that isn't interesting to me in any way. I have no idea how it can possibly be interesting to anyone else for more than say 2 minutes. Then Bam done, So why do people buy it after the trial, god may be the only one that knows. Anyway i won't write such rubbish. Yeah, an insult woot! I write games for gameplay reasons. I write for them to be played by people who have friends. So far i think i am doing ok.

Maybe it is just time to step on the bandwagon, so at least some people know my company name...


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