Thursday, July 22, 2010

what to do?

Here i am sitting calmly wondering which of my many jobs to start. They all sit there staring at me, giving me no clue as to which is more important than the other. Unblinking they stare me down.

Being away on vacation and really disrupt a train of thought. I did however write down the bunch of jobs i knew i needed to work on once i got back. But now the list just sits there.. i never thought to comment the jobs with a priority. I know priorites can change while one is away. Still.. i expected this to be easier than it is. Maybe it is the jetlag befuddling my brain. Yeah, that must be it.

Also i am in a dilemna about my Xblig games. A Shooter is awaiting the results from the Kickstarter project. If the project doesn't get funded, then it will be going into peer review very quickly. If however it does get funded, then i know what i will be doing for the next several months or more. So the dilemna is what to do while i await the project ending. I could start another game, that idea appeals to me greatly. However i do not like working on mutliple projects at the same time. You always end up with a favorite, and the not so favorite one suffers from it.

I guess it's time to get on with my day job and code some more.


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