Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My Kickstarter project is GO!

Here is the link, go check it out and then come back.
A Quality Shooter

Woah eh!
Well there it is, i have spent way too much of my time over the last 2 months getting that setup (yeah 2 months to write that and do the video). ok, so i have been busy with The Midway and actual coding and other work. What matters is that it is now there. I sure hope some of you people that read my blog will want a piece of the action. Then you really will be part of my family.

I know you all expected more about The Midway (report pt 3), but i have to admit to it not quite being ready for public viewing. You see i have had a headache all and day and i do not write very well, in fact i can hardly face my PC when i feel like that. It is half written, and so i expect it to come out tomorrow along with prossibly part 4, the final part of the report. we shall see how busy a day i have i suspect.

So back to the Kickstarter project. This is very exciting to me and i sure hope to see a lot of interest. I have tried hard to provide what are original and exciting rewards. Of course a lot of those rewards are going to cost me a lot of time in development. That i am ok with of course. It is just hard for me to want to spend all my money on a project while i am also spending all my time. I am hopeful this will see the light of day and i can know the kinds of improvements that i can get done. Being a one man army can have it's down sides. But knowing other talented people is definitely a plus!

Please tell anyone you can about my project. The more it spreads the more chance i will have of succeeding and making a better shooter than i expected to make.

If you have CC membership, go check out the comments that were made on the game when it was in Playtest many moons ago. There you will it as it was, and it has already come a lot further along than that.

Ok, i will write more when my head can stand it.



  1. nice ...really like that ...reminds me of r-type which was one of my favs on nintendo .....def gonna spread the word for ya

  2. Thanks, i hope other people are interested. I have painstakingly balanced not just single player, but also 2, 3 and 4 player cooperative modes.

    Thanks for spreading the word, i need all the help i can get.

    Da Voodoochief