Friday, July 9, 2010

Working on Scheduled posts

I have been searching for how to do scheduled posts now for a coulpe of weeks. I knew then that i was going to visit England and i wanted to write some extra posts that i could make appear as if by magic during the days i am not around.

As usual i failed at this task and so thought that Blogger didnt have this functionality. Well i was so wrong. It is there hidden in a way. Although if you know it is there i am sure it isn't a problem. Now however i have a new problem. Just how do i test it effectively. I have no days left to be able to test this thing.. bah!

So if you are reading this post. then you have seen it work. Yup.. ahuh! This is my test post for scheduled posting. i will however be on a plane on my way to England when it posts, if indeed it has. Hmm, if you are reading it then it worked. I seem to be feeling a conundrum and no idea why, lol.

Tomorrows post should be more normal. I wonder which day i will get to talk about PB Winterbottom and Xblig comparison.. We shall see. Also more news from The Midway on PS3 tomorrow, if i can get to a pc.


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