Sunday, July 25, 2010

Missing my Family

Here i am supposedly working on me stuff. I have lots to do, but no inclination. This morning i went out for a good hike in some mountains north of Fillmore and that took me till lunch with some of my friends at Chuys in Moorpark. It all went very well and was a great morning, though my calf muscles may argue that point :O

After that though i did a bit of work when i passed where i work (just needed to get a few things finalized for Playstation Home). Then it was off to real home and shower. That was refreshing and then i sat down to some motorcycle racing and then a bit of tennis on TV. I felt this would set me up for getting on with the big workload i am accumulatinig for Xblig atm. However it did not. While i was at work i got to chat with my wife over Msn Messenger. That was awesome, but it made me a bit sorry for myself.

You see my family (wife and 2 kids) are still in England till this friday. They are having a great time and usually when we do this i can work like a maniac while they are away. This time i don't know why, i just cannot get started. Maybe i need some starter juice, haha. Or a beer, yeah right. That'll help loads. Still sounds like a tempting idea right now!

So i have done nothing today for my Xblig stuff. I did play Limbo and went through the Demo real fast and easy. Only i cannot say i really enjoyed it, it is just too dark for me and i hate turning up my brightness for games. Maybe i can get a start tomorrow. If anyone can suggest some go juice, let me know.


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