Wednesday, July 28, 2010

All in the Voice

I think i would like to have my next game have some or a lot of voice acting. You can blame several factors and i'll list the more relevant ones here.

1. I always fancied doing a bit meself.
2. Clover on Xblig has voice acting and i have been playing that.
3. Just finished Deathspank and it had some wonderful larger than life voice acting. My personal favourite was Von Prong.
4. I believe it can add so much to a game.
5. I have never done enough voice acting in my games. Mainly because i wrote most of my games when it was not possible to store much audio, never mind whole sentences :O

Those are enough reasons for now. The fact is i am not sure what my next game will be. I have an idea i am playing around with. Once i get some pictures drawn i shall try to get them onto the PC (yeah, i sketch with a pencil still :O). That way i can show everyone the way i design some aspects of my game. I won't put it all online, as that would be a real pain in the preverbial.

Now if i am voice acting.. Who should i do, the Epic hero, or the Epic Villain. I can cackle quite well :)

So i will end with a question... Who do you think you could voice?



  1. I did all the voices in my game Abduction Action! (male, female, and alien). Mind you, there were mostly just screams and quick sentences, but it was still a lot of fun and the sound quality was surprisingly good considering the cheap microphone I used.

  2. Ya see, another Dev who had fun with doing voices (Abduction Action!). The only i see is if i do an avatar based game, i cannot speak :S

    Though if it is my Avatar and my voice, how can that be wrong ?

    Da Voodoochief