Thursday, July 29, 2010

Work Reviews

These always seem to come with such bad connertations, though i do not know why. In my experience they have been nothing but productive. Or more importantly they have made a nice re-focus and so everything after those reveiw meetings have gone much smoother.

I do not mean code reviews, or anything like that. I mean setting aside time in the schedule to really try to look over everything that is being done. then deciding if it is being done the correct way, or if there needs to be a re-alignment. These meetings themselves can get quite awkward and argumentitive at times, but in the end it is better to do it sooner rather than later, especially if later is too late.

So when i do my own games i set aside time here and there (depends on my flexible schedule), and then i try to use my critical and objective eye to see what i am doing. Sometimes it is gratifying to know i am doing it all right, woohoo! It is also really good when i see i need to make some changes to make the game better, or just fiish on time. also in my experience this kind of thing should be done more often the bigger the team, or the newer the team.

Just food for thought, don't leave it till too late.

Here is something that cheers me up when i feel a bit unfocused or down. Sent to me by @Ninjaharlot via twitter


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