Monday, July 19, 2010

travelling back tomorrow

My time is coming to an end here in Britain. I feels like it has been a whirlwind tour of family and friends. That has been really wonderful of course. I know i missed yesterdays blog post, and i feel i will probably miss tomorrows as well while travelling. It is what it is. However i will be back on track very soon. That will also allow me to post some pictures up i hope of stuff.

So no real dev blog today. As it is my last day here i am going to go shopping with my wife. Derby town center has a new shopping mall called the Westfield (sounds familiar to americans eh!). That and other older town shops is where we are headed with our pounds scrunched in our grubby hands (ok, so not grubby really, but it sounds good!). After that i have some loose ends to tidy up and then it is the very sad part... as i go quickly say goodbye to as many people as i can before the night ends.

Cya al in CA tomorrow.

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