Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tea or Dr P?

That was the question i was facing as i approaced home tonight as i was being driven by the nice Roadrunner driver. The issue with having a Dr P is that it has caffeiene in it, and i need to sleep. However it is only 9:30 at night soo i have time and i am pretty wasted. Having Tea sounds like a great alternative then, but i am not always good at making me Tea. Somehow i manage to put on the kettle a number of times and sometimes Never ever end up with a cuppa. BAH!

So i am not sure how my blogging has been the last few days. With time zone changes etc i am a bit confused about it all, posting wise. With the travelling back to CA i am doubly confused. I believe tomorrw is wednesday though, so hopefully that is correct. Right now i am in some sort of post travel and jetlag haze. After all my body now thinks it is 6:07am... Hmmm I wonder what me brain thinks, lol.

So this morning started in a hurry as i got up bright and early at 7:30am. I had been awake a bit during the night in anticipation of the journey back to the USA. So i got breakfast and then walked down to my elder sisters house. I had warned here i was gonna turn up early just so we could chat for a bit and i could say bye. I have no idea how long it will be till me next vacation to England. It was a good conco, but also a sad one, as it ends inevitably with me running out and walking back to my parents house to get me stuff together and then get driven by me dad to the East Midlands Airport to catch a national Express bus down to Heathrow.

The bus journey was without any real incidents, i think they make the coach seats with even less leg room than the airplane, which sucks mightily with me being 6-2 :S So we get to Heathrow on time at 1pm.. Yeah i have alreayd been going for a long time it seems. Anyway, a short walk later and i am at terminal 3. Here i get me bag checked in adn then go buy a rather expensive sandwich from upstaors. Then i head through security. and am in the general departure area. I have gone fast through that whole bit as nothing interesting happened. Unless you count people watching.. And i love it myself. Very entertaining, anyway back to the story. I had to wait about an hour to get the gate posted up, but once it wa si was off and trotting to the gate, number 20. Straight inside and then wait for other passengers to arrive and boarding to start.

Now i don't understand airlines. Or more to the point i don't understand their 'rules'. I know i quoted those rules, ya have to imagine me saying their rules with finger quotes to mean, hey, what's up with those rules.. are they or aren't they? I mean life would be a lot easier in some ways if they got rid of them, or some of them etc. Let me explain a bit more, cos i guess i have ya confused now.
1st rule... The stewardess tells people in certain rows to go through. Why bother, as about 10-20% of people just go as soon as they see anyone moving to the gate. Inevitably there are people waiting for passengers that got on way too early, when boarding from the back to the front. Get rid, or police it a bit.
2nd rule... Hand luggage, my o my, some people were wandering onto the plane (wandering is thw wrong word as they were struggling!) with 3 bags. I am not sure how 1 hand luggage can account for three bags, but somehow several people had that. also i saw some people struggle with overly large hand luggage, and i thought that had already been outlawed. Seems inconsistant to me at this point.. and that brings me too...
3rd rule.. Ok not a rule really, but one that should be. If ya canna lift the hand luggage you have so carefully packed and dragged through customs up into the overhead compartments. Then it is too blinking heavy or big!
4th rule... Loose items should be placed right under the seat in front of ya. This is weird, one minute they police this, then next they don't seem to care two hoots.  Stupid. Make the rule and stick with it, or let it go, geez.! It annoys me when i see this inconsistency.
5th rule... Cell phone and electronic devices while taxiing and take off/landing. Is this truly an issue? I sure hope not as plenty of people seem to 'forget' (oh no air quotes again!) about turning them off, and then there are the ones that turn them on so early on. I think there would be more crashes if this rule was based on fact and not fear. Let it go already!
6th rule... Anyone who snores should be woken up! I know, i know, it's not a rule, but it should be. Geez, they don't even give ear plugs any more. It took me a few hours on the flight to realise that my lovely wifey would have packed me some for the journey, and yeah, she did! YAY! Still no sleep though :(
7th rule... Wear seat belts while sleeping or in ya seat. On the way out to England my Daughter got woken up by a stewardess doing her job, Yet on the way back they never woke anyone up and their seat belts were definitely on being workn, as they were hanging down the sides :S

Ok, i am tired now and it's time for bed, as it is 10:30pm here. Take care and enjoy your flights, wherever they take ya.


Ps. I went with a Dr P after i heated up the water once!

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