Thursday, July 15, 2010

Mcdonalds is inconsistent

I ended up at McDs last night at the Meteor center in Derby. It wasn't really our first choice, bt by this time we were hungry and had not anticipated that Morrisons wold be closing just as we got there, after all it was only 9pm. The nearest place to east was Mcds, so a short drive later and we were there.

Staring at the meagre listig of stuff they sell. Wowza that was odd, such a small list of items to buy. Oh well we don't need that many items. I mistakenly asked what flavors of soda they sold, lol. Liza looked at me with a smile when the employee had no clue as to what i was talking about. Anyway, i ended up with coke and that was that. As for the food, i had the chicken strips along with my son. These were boring as they are in the states, but the worst thing is that i could not get honey mustard for them, BOO i say! In fact i believe ya have to pay for any sauce or dip separately. We also had the fries, and boy these sucked. They were like soggy cardboard. Not that the american fries are great, but way ahead of these.
My daughter and wife had burgers, you know the one of the two choices you can actually choose from. Anyway they got eaten fairly quickly but seemed very limp and lifeless, and not really hot enough.
This allowede me to declare that American McDs gets a One and this British one gets a paltry Minus 3. So American McDs wins by a landslide. I will not be going back, so i do not know at this time if this was a one of set of crapness.

Eat well my friends, and remember there are far less fast food joints in England than in California. Though if the fod is like this, i am not surprised.#



  1. Going all the way to Europe for McD's, I tell ya... :D

  2. What was i thinking?


    Da Voodoochief