Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Midway Prize Point System Explained

I realised there is no reference to how the Meta Prize points are doled out per level won. so here is the information for anyone who is interested.


You earn points for winning levels in the 10 carnival games in The Midway. The number of points you win equals the level number times 4. Level 10 gets you an additional 30 point bonus. You use these points to win Meta Prizes that are shown on a board in Darla's Den.

Win Level 1 = 4 points
Level 2 = 8 points
Level 3 = 12 points
Level 4 = 16 points
Level 5 = 20 points
Level 6 = 24 points
Level 7 = 28 points
Level 8 = 32 points
Level 9 = 36 points
Level 10 = 70 points (40+30)
TOTAL POINTS = 250 per game, 2,500 for all 10 games

(NOTE: Points are not awarded for Trigger Happy In-A-Box or Big Bang that are found in Darla's Den)

You win the first meta prize for 250 points, second meta-prize for 350 points, third for 500 points and so on. That way, you can get the points by playing a few games well instead of having to master them all.

Meta Prize win levels:
1. 250 (Clown Shoes)
2. 350 (Clock in Darla's Den)
3. 500 (Clown Gloves)
4. 650 (Access to the Hot Tub in Darla's Den)
5. 800 (Clown Pants)
6. 1000 (Access to the Disco Darla area in Darla's Den)
7. 1250 (Clown Shirt)
8. 1500 (Unlock Big Bang, play for free, win 5 levels for 5 prizes)
9. 2000 (Clown Wig and Nose)
10. 2500 (You win a Gold Leather Jacket and Darla comes to dance in the Disco Darla area. This is the maximum number of points you can win in The Midway. )

Yes that DOES in fact leave those 5000 and 7500 points prizes as unattainable. That is because they are for the planned future expansion of the Midway (hopefull in a couple of months depending).

You need to buy the Bar Key to open up the area that contains Trigger Happy In-A-Box and Bell Ringer. Both can then be played for free by any visitor in the space, including the owner. You can win 5 prizes with TH In-A-Box, or win all 10 prizes in Bell Ringer.

Hope ya found that info useful.


  1. Thanks! Very useful for reference - glad to hear more Midway is on it's way in the relatively near future!

  2. ohhh 5 prizes for TH in a box huh ..looks like i got one more to get

  3. the prize point values required for THB are
    1000, 6000, 12000, 20000, 30000

    Hope that helps.
    Best way to do it is to maximize your score on the lower easier levels.

    Da Voodoochief