Saturday, July 10, 2010

Friends, Family and Parrots

Hi Ho everyone from Sunny England. Yep, ya heard that correct, it is sunny here. In fact it is really hot and a bit humid. Today Sunday is supposed to be 21 degrees today, which is awesome. After arriving yesterday afternoon at Heathrow it was really great to see me dad in the terminal waiting for us. Man was that place heaving :O

It was a nice drive without any traffic incidents and after a couple of hours we were at my parents house in Derby in a residential area called Chaddesden. My mom is away on vacation with me big sis and family for this week, but most everyone else should be around for a visit or twenty. I am blessed with a fairly large family with have 2 brothers and 3 sisters of my own, and my wife having 3 brothers. Awesome!

Well we were jet lagged last night of course so were taking it easy and then my youngest sister and family (well most of it) turned up for a flying visit, as they go away on vacation to Majorca for 6 days starting tomorrow. I cannot explain how awesome it was to have some family round. We all sat in the back garden waffling away for a lot of hours, so much for that flying visit lol. What is amazing about family and god friends is the way you all just quickly fall back into chatting patterns and no pretense is around etc. You are waht you are and it's all good. It was amazing to see them.

Today, sunday i am going round to at least one of me Bro's houses. It is in walking distance and i am going to be watching some world superbike motorcycle racing with him. Watching racing with me Bros is so much better than by myself. So it will be a full day but also an exciting one.

As for the parrot? Well he is my moms pet and lives at their house that i am staying at. He is usually so noisy and squarky, but since we have arrived he is demure and quiet. He also keeps puffing himself up at me, which is hilarious.

One last thought, it has been 5 years since i was last here. OMGoodness was i surprised just how many trees there are, and the sky looked like it was painted by a great watercolor painter.



  1. Thanks for bringing the weather with you ;)

  2. Well it was hot and sunny, and now (monday) it is raining and overcast. Seems like England is welcoming us back in a traditional manner haha.

    Time to write a new post i think.

    Da Voodoochief

  3. Well, it wouldn't be England with a bit of overcast :)
    Enjoy your time off :)