Monday, July 26, 2010

Press Release for the Kickstarter Project

Here is what i have been working on the last several days. Yeah, several, ouch! Anyway i am happy with the way it has turned out. Laters!

A Shooter Kickstarter Project Launched Press Release


Los Angeles, CA. -- July 27th, 2010. In the search for alternative funding Sorcery Games ( has started a Kickstarter project. For those in the know, is a place where creative projects can look for funding. Whether you are after making your first CD or trying to start a web channel dedicated to kids, Kickstarter has it all.

The recently launched Sorcery Games Kickstarter project called 'A Quality Shooter' is for it's new game 'A Shooter'. A game currently in development for the Xbox 360. This new kickstarter project is designed to help Sorcery Games extend the development cycle and increase the quality and scope of the game. A Shooter is a side scrolling shoot-em-up that brings arcade style gameplay, along with cooperative multiplayer support. It is a beautifully crafted experience that holds lofty goals for it's balanced gameplay. With not only single player, but also 2, 3 and 4 player balancing worked on for several months. Funding will allow the game to get bigger and better. The most exciting feature addition will be the support of online multiplayer.

The Project offers rewards in return for small portions of funding. This means you get stuff for your money. Go check out the project and see the amazing rewards offered by Sorcery Games. From simply having your own copy on the PC with your name in the credits, to having a PC version of the game complete with all your own graphics. Some of the rewards would make a great gift for any gameplaying kid you know. If you really want to impress your son or boyfriend you have an option of sending in a photo to be used as a collectible in the game.

Go check out the 'A Shooter' Kickstarter project at 'A Quality Shooter on ('

About Sorcery Games:

Sorcery Games has been making Xbox Live Indie Games since 2008. Their catalogue includes a variety of creative endeavors, including arcade style games and children’s books. Quality and originality are key components in the Sorcery Games portfolio.

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