Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Tonight i was gonna post about soemthing i really want to do for my next game. But instead it has been a day where i have received a few mentions. the first comes from someone who does a blog that i read. I like his opinions and thoughtful approach to writing. So when he posts such a nice paragraph on me, it makes me blush but also feel very proud. If nothing else i try very hard at what i do and it is good whe someone else notices.
Here is the link Digital Quarters

Secondly it was Starcraft 2 launch day today. Just in case you haven't noticed or ben under a rock. Well back in the day my team at Mass Media were given the arduous task of converting starcraft 1, PLUS Brood Wars to the N64. Noone thought it was possible except us i believe. the whole team was madly in love with Starcraft, and we had a good team on Cases ladder back then. So when we got to pitch for the job it was with love, and then we got the job. OMGoodness we were happy. Then the labor of love started. We got it done on time, and with a meagre budget. The thing we were most proud of though was the controls. Everyone said it would suck and not be playable, but we believed we could make it work great. In fact all the reveiws at the time agreed with us. We had shortcuts up the wazoo on that little controller. Modifier keys was the order of the day. We also somehow managed to squeeze the whole of Starcraft and Brood wars into a single cart, though that was a special cart at 64MB. So why i am talking about this? well it is because someone noticed. Nintendo never made enough of these cartridges, and they sold out nearly immediately, however they did not for some reason want to make anotehr run of them. So a year after release it was worth over 130 bucks.
Here is the link Kotaku - Starcraft -N64

So today i feel proud that i have worked so hard on games, it is a passion and it is my job.



  1. That's cool you got to work on it and no doubt a feat to complete it. Starcraft is a really huge franchise, today and back then.

    I honestly never played the game mainly because of the perception of bad controls (true or not) and because I already owned it on the PC.

  2. Thanks, it really was a tough job to complete. Squeezing so much can get very tiring. We had to make so many variables bits and nibbles etc to get it down in the end. The save game was a work of art haha!

    Da Voodoochief