Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Midway and Kickstarter Project

I keep checking my kickstarter project like a grown up checking their baby to see if anything has happened yet, even though they are sleeping. It is early days yet and i am hopeful that the Project will get funded, if not i suppose A Shooter will just have to go live as it is. Which will be a disppointment for me, but a nescessary time to move onward with my game development. So if you know anyone interested, please let them know.

The Midway was my full time project today, well apart from the bit i worked on The Midway2... Yup, we are already working on this and have been for some time. This was started because we felt like The Midway would be a success, and therefore be worthwhile to do. If we can make each project financially viable, then we can move onto bigger and better things.I was told that the SDTV fix i did should go live tomorrow, YAY! Today i talked to several people with this issue, i will be glad not to have to talk about it again.
Another change i coded today, that will go into next weeks releases (or possibly the week after) is a time change for Meet Darla. The europeans were unfairly treated on this one and the redo of time will make it a lot easier for them to be awake to see Darla.

I go away on vacation on Friday to England, the land of my birth. It is going to be an amazing journey as it always is. Seeing family and friends and more family :) However during that time i will probably be posting quite eractically. I will do my best though.



  1. Yay for changing Darla's times! Bit of a nightmare for us Europeans ;)

    And double yay for being a fellow Brit!

  2. I believe it will go live on the 15th of July. Sony are checking out my changes now.

    As for being British, well i like it. then again, i have never known being anything else.