Friday, July 23, 2010

Experimentation time

So i have decided that while i am working on gettting my project funded i shall also do some research. The first research i am gonna work on is Avatars. I just need to check how they function etc. This should keep me amused for a while. I do have several designs for games that include them, and also game designs that are suitable for th WM7 platform (not that i have looked at that yet).

My main focus i decided this morning is to do some more Xblig playtesting and reveiwing. YAY! It has a been a while and now i have some time, and i also have some more inclination. My inclination tends to wander when i do reports to te devs and they ignore all i have to say. I know they don't have to listen to me, but ignoring me just makes me not wanna do it. If they said they did not want to put in one of my suggestions, then fine. If they want to discuss why they aren't or don't think they should do a certain thing in the game, then fine, i love that kinda thing. Just me spending an hour on their game to have them just pop it over to peer reveiw anyway bums me out.

I also have to ask why so many devs (nearly all it seems!) put out their first games, and then tell you what parts they never got around to doing. this baffles me as at appears they knew these items were missing or not added. But had to release it there and then, when it wasn't ready. It is an odd admission to make in my opinion.

Well tomorrow i check out the latest from Xblig and Xna land.

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