Sunday, March 2, 2014

Why wait

I have had Heroic Patterns Lite ready now for several days. Though I have been worrying over the game description that goes with the game rather more than I would like too. In fact what I have is pretty crap, but in the absence of anyone doing it for me, I will simply have to go with what I have created.

I am not the fondest of working with Macs, not that they are bad, only I am not experienced at all with them.. I mean virtually nothing in all these years of working on games and computers. So when I think about connecting up my Mac cube and finding the program to run to upload a new game binary I can procrastinate really easily. This is what has happened these last several days. Well today was the day I decided I was gonna face my Mac. As it happens I had already left it connected up to one of my desktop computers monitors, so all I had to do was turn the thing on and grab the mouse and keyboard.

When the machine booted up I looked at the screen in a confused manner (you know, head cocked to one side) because it had a window already on the screen and it was for the uploading of a binary. Whhahhh? I thought. This is what I needed to find. Well lets see if it works. I clicked a few buttons and selected the only game available for upload, Heroic Patterns Lite. Then selected the file I had created and placed into dropbox. Then whammo it was on it's way.

I would say 5 minutes after booting up the Mac I was done. the binary had gone and was awaiting review and so I researched and setup the mouse curser movement speed (it was way too slow). So I learn't something useful as well about Macs :)  Good eh!

So now Heroic Patterns Lite is in Apples review hands. I hope it goes through smoothly, but one can never tell.

wish me luck,

Da Voodoochief

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