Thursday, March 6, 2014


Great word that one. Love it, and cannot get enough of it.

In this case I was collaborating today with my artist friend. I finally got a version of the game up and running on the iPad and this allowed us today to go over the very few changes that I wanted.

As it happens the version of the game I got to the iPad is a version with no gameplay at all. It really is the games graphics laid out properly. That way if the artist wants to move stuff around, then this is a good time, before I write any code that could possible care about such things. though of course I try hard to make my code not reliant on fixed positions of anything. I love defines and tables of positions etc. So this version had all the graphics in it, but also it had flashing input buttons to show just how good they will look.

Next up is to write some of the actual game code. From here gameplay will exist....

That will give me even more to collaborate with my artist on.

Da Voodoochief

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