Monday, March 3, 2014

Getting going again

Although I still suffer from Bronchitis I am on the mend, just slowly.

Yesterday of course I uploaded Heroic Patterns Lite version to apple for them to approve. Once that is passed I will get the paid version up and tested. I already set it up with no ads and it's own mobile provisioning files etc. So now it simply needs to be uploaded. However I won't do that until the Lite version is passed, cos it would be stupid to submit them both and maybe get the same bug for them both reported back. Ok, it's cos I am a bit lazy haha!

Next up though is my Heroic Simon. I already have some mock graphics from my artist friend and once I get setup properly I will create a version of the game for the iPad so he can see his graphics in use. Then after that I will get to write the game. As you can tell, even though I am not truly q00%, I am getting things moving again.

And on that note I am also working on the design for the title after Heroic Simon, though I have no real name, I have a couple of nicknames like, RoboZilla and Robo walker. So back to being busy, and I am also working on the redesign of my kitchen.

Laters all,
Da Voodoochief

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