Sunday, March 9, 2014

Creative Carnage

It really is a simple blockage in my creative side. All I need is to design this simple item and Whammo I can write the code to make it all happen, and then follow that with the rest of the games code.

Alas I have hit a blockage this weekend. A Simple thing, where all I need is to design how I will help instruct the player about the current mode of the game. This is a new thing and not part of my original design. In the original design the player would be guided around the various modes the game is in by simply lighting up the active section and low-lighting the inactive sections. I felt that would be great an work well. There are various reason why this is now not enough, and one of the main reasons is the wonderful background and it's activity, is simply distracting from this original design. So what to do now? Well put something up that tells the player what is going on.

The thing is the game layout is not designed with a message in mind. So instead I will have to make something up that fits well enough and doesn't look entirely stupid. So annoying.

As I have spent this entire weekend dithering and second guessing all my ideas, I feel like it has wreaked carnage over what I would have achieved if I had solved this problem fast...

This is the way it goes some times when working on designs...

Da Voodoochief

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