Thursday, March 13, 2014

Sfx are cool, like bow ties

I enjoy putting in sfx for my games. Recenttly I have not had to do that for Heroic Patterns, as I did not feel I could do the game justice with my Sfx library. they would have had to have been more custom and maybe dynamic.

So here I am working on Heroic Simon and it is the perfect game for adding in some Sfx to enhance the gameplay. Not just enhance, but also help people distinguish more easily what is going on.

It has taken me well over an hour to find and grab the Sfx I need for the game (A list I made at lunch time). Then maybe another 30 minutes or so to process all these Sfx for the game. Processing the Sfx includes adding echo or other effects if needed, and then normalizing them to the correct volume.

Tonight I have also spent about 60 minutes on getting them into the game. Although they all appear to be playing now (after an awkward start), but not really playing at the right times. For example the two result Sfx, correct & wrong, both play when you got a match, but neither play when you didn't.

I am so tired now tonight that I will have to come back to this tomorrow. I am expecting another hour and the Sfx will all be in and working satisfactorily.

Da Voodoochief

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