Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Heroic Patterns Lite Passed Apple

At 11:27am this morning I got an email telling me that Apple had placed Heroic Patterns Lite 'in review'.

At 2:39pm this afternoon my next email told me that the game was 'in processing for the App store'. Woohoo, it passed first time!

At 4:09pm I received another email telling the game was ready 'Ready for Sale'.

I think it has been a good day. Now I need to go and grab the Ad free version and get that passed. Once that is ready for sale, I will release the games at the same time.

A truly busy day at work today, but a pleasure to see this progression with my latest App.

Da Voodoochief


  1. We need to celebrate with lunch soon!

  2. We should do that. then we can talk all about Indie again :) I'll bet Monday or Tuesday sounds good hehe. I'll txt ya matey.