Monday, March 10, 2014

Something is better than nothing

Finally I am over the hump I wrote about previously. to do this I simply chose what would be the easiest option (or very close to it). This has enabled me to move on with the rest of the game code and I am now once again making headway on the game.

I have to say that although I have chosen the easiest way out, it is not looking too bad. Though I will have to change the method I am using to bring on the information test (instruction/prompts). Even my daughter doesn't like the way I scroll them in from the right side.

I also started to add in the score today, though I do not have a scoring method hooked up as of now. So everything is zero.. haha!

I also need to go and setup my leaderboards on Apples connect, but that will have to wait a bit till I get some form of scoring in I think.

More tomorrow for sure, I feel like I am on a roll again.

Da Voodoochief

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