Sunday, March 16, 2014

App setup, it was time consuming

ok, so setting up the App itself was not time consuming. The main app setup went quite well as I placed a bunch of placeholder pictures and information into it. The only thing I really had to do was add more to the description, as apparently there is a minimum requirement for the description of ten words. Simple to just type in a sentence of waffle haha!

The thing that was really time consuming however was the setting up of the leaderboards. It was the whole reason for setting up the app Now in the first place. So once I had the App created it was time to add the leaderboards. I was not ready for just how long this was going to take....

I had 18 leaderboards to add. They break down like this:-
  • Total score per difficulty level (there are 6 of them)
  • Best score per difficulty level (obviously 6 of them)
  • Best personal score per difficulty. (again x6)
That means setting up 18 leaderboards. Now it is not very difficult to set up a leaderboard on iTunes Connect. Apple have done a wonderful job of that. Only they appear to have missed out the clone or duplicate existing leaderboard button. If I had this button I could make the first one and then simply clone another 17. Then I could go and make the slight alteration to the names.

What I don't understand is why Apple don't have this feature. You know, clone how many times and increment the name would be easy enough to implement, and Who just has a couple of leaderboards in their games? I would expect the number of them I am using to be quite small. In the end I feel that apple could improve this area of their App seup, and then they can do the same thing to the Achievements setup.

Laters, gotta go setup the leaderboards in game now they have had time to spawn across the internet.. or applenet.

Da Voodoochief

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