Friday, March 12, 2010

Oh Man, The 3rd The Midway Test was good. but..

Yes, we did another test. This time I had to have a discussion with the team abuot the new update to 1.3.5 for PS3Home. Do we ? Don't we ? Pros cons and all that.

In the end we decided to update one machine to 1.3.5 and see if our scenes would run aok. They should, but would they ? In the end they did. So i made the decision to change ALL of the Home installations in the comapny to 1.3.5. It seemed like a tough decision to make, but people playing 1.3.2 would not be able to see anyone playing in the newer HDK runtime. So i updated quite a few of the machines myself. Then we were ready for the 5pm test.

It went very well. Better than the previous tests. We ended up with a few known problems, but they are basic bugs. Like the wrong prize showing etc. Easy stuff. also some text alignment issues. They are always there, even when ya ship usually. The test went so smoothly i was actually able to really look at profiling numbers and memory, as much as one can on PS3 Home.

This was Bad. This is the part where i do a 'what went wrong' bit i guess. The profiling showed that we could run real slow, at about 40-44ms. This is bad when our target is about 35ms. It adversely effects the gameplay we have in our minigames. Yeeouch, not good. It is hard in home to see just where the time is going as well. so today we are looking into what is slowest and speeding it up. I just hope we can get the performance upgraded fast enough for our deliverable to Sony. time will tell, and the weekends work of course.

I really had hoped that 1.3.5 would speed up the rendering or any other system to be honest. It did speed up the load times, so that is a plus. There were also some bug fixes, the most notable to us is the fixed Queues for playing minigames.

I hope to grab some more pictires, but all of a sudden my time is taken up with looking for performance optimizations.. ARGH!

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