Thursday, March 25, 2010

More Blog Readership Question

I have been writing this blog for some time now. I write articles most days, and some times more than one a day. I am told that readerships of such blogs should in in the hundreds if i keep up my posting. In fact the articles i read a long while back stated that it did not matter much waht i wrote about, so long as i wrote something. At some points in time i would write something that would appeal to most everyone. Sound advixe, or so it sounded at the time. But i have to say that currently i am underwhelmed by my lack of readership. I read about a month ago that i HAVE to put tages onto my posts so that search engines can find them. This has been sound advice and i have gone from a single reader a day to about 10 or so. This is a positive move.

Don't get me wrong, if i had noone reading ii would probably keep writing this Blog. I find it at times to be a great way to store some useful info, or use it like a wiki or museum. Later i am sure i will come back and read some of my old posts and be amazed. either way, i am going to continue with it.

I am wondering if anyone out there has any ideas how to publicize this more though. I would love some more readers. Maybe then i can get people to comment and end up with some discussions, or find that some people would like more articles on AI or something. I dunno, just some interaction would be nice.

I did put the URL on Digg, but i think i need to go back and read up on what i am supposed to do after that. Cos so far i have not recieved a single jump from that site. Something that is a little odd (guess i did something wrong, bah!)



  1. I read your blog in Google Reader, as shared by Nick Gravelyn. I usually just browse, but I have kinda been wondering the same thing about my blog. So maybe it's just a matter of sharing and posting comments with like minded individuals.

  2. Hey Warspawn. I got to following you earlier today on my Twitter account. I shall check your blog out. It is a pity i cannot easily follow anyone not using blogspot, bah! The things ya learn after the fact.

    thanks for commenting