Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Played a few XNA XBLIG game for Peer review tonight

And they were quite good. I don't do reviews, but i want to mention these games. They should be downloaded by Xbox players!!

You Will Die
This was the first one i tested. Nicely done, and i liked the premise. You against a ship that will get bigger and badder as you defeat it. It was a little hard to start off with though. There is no give in the game, and i like Give. Not a bad effort and i have to say i really think it's good. It just needed a slightly more experienced touch on the balance and difficulty. I look forward to DeadPixels next game.

Lethal Judgement.
This game has so much eye candy it is hard to see where the bullets are. A very well put together shooter with a lot of nice ideas, all in one place. Gonna be a hard game for none shooter players, so anotehr game that could do with a slightly better learning / difficulty curve. Still it was fun, but i do not think it is multiplayer, boo hoo!

Againh, go download these games, if ya don't like the trials, ahh well. better luck on the next ones. But these are good qulaity titles and worth the look.

I will mention that i took these two to review tonight as i passed unexcited by a load of crap that is in review right now. Most without a video, and i have ranted about that previously. Well i quickly skipped past any game that had not got a video. Then it was watch soem videos of some horrendous .. erm.. games. Then i got to these two. Thanks goodness.

Good night.

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