Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Press address accumulation

I have spent the last few hours accumulating press email addresses. This is so i can more readily and easily get my games new out. Or that is the beleif i have. If i can get a nice list of about 15 or so places that could, or just might, review my games. Then i have a victory and can dance a bit.

Right now though i just want to sleep. Cos it really takes it outta ya being bored scrounging around the internet looking for contacts. It is also a pretty tough job.

So many sites are not interested in the XBLIG games or Indies in general. They have enough to do to keep up with the big games news etc. Why bother with us small guys.

so now my list is too big. That sucks.

What doesn't suck though is that the New version of Pellmell went through Peer review today. YAY! so i need to get some codes out for that, and send out some competition codes as well.


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