Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Midway getting there

This here is the Porta-potty. This one happens to reside in the Personal space. Oh... Have i mentioned the Personal space that  The Midway has ?

Anyway, this little beaut is not just for pooping in. In fact ya canna poop in home, as you cannot eat. Strange place really. It is also used to Teleport people around. Hence the name 'Tele-Porta-Potty'.

We have spent some good hours since the big test working through some of our issues we managed to accumulate during the test. We had about 10 things to do or fix. Of those we have done maybe 6 or so. We have also managed to finish testing all the prizes and make sure they work once uploaded. I had a couple of typos in two of the category xml files, but now they are done, all the prizes work. Woohoo!

So tomorrow i work on Big Bangs prizes, and then onto Trigger Happy In-A-Box.

So i was asked earlier today from a lovely person who resides somewhere in the UK, is this space going to be available in Europe. Some people may already know that Sony have sever areas (much like Xbox and Wii). Well i can tell you that the European SCEE group has requested the Space. This is awesome news for us and was a big shock. As we did not tell them about it haha. But a good friend of ours did, and we believe they will go into our Sandbox on Monday and check out the scene for themselves. They have stated unofficially that they would love a simultaneous release in Europe alongside America. I would love that to happen. The more people that get to play these games and see all the work we have put in would be great.


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