Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Big Bang from The Midway

Here is a picture from the Personal space we have created. And it contains a picture of the Big Bang cannon.

Woot! is it large. I would even take bets that it is large enough a cannon to be able to get into.....

As you can see from this picture and the last one i put up, we have a very colorful space. The lighting is mood setting and the scene is lively. I cannot show you how lively from pictures though. I have no way to capture video of the game either to put that up.. That is disappointing. The scene has lots going for it, but it is busy and exciting and i love that. Especially after all the boring places in PS3Home... Yeah, plenty of those :O

Well i am not gonna play this minigame right now, as i have to get it's prizes sorted out first. And i have lots to go, so far i have completed 80 levels of prizes.... yyeeeouch!


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