Thursday, March 4, 2010

So Ten firepower upgrades it is.

Yes, i have finally formalized my firepower designs, Here are the highlights...

1. 10 actual upgrades to collect
2. Those 10 upgrades actually upgrade your firepower in 24 ways
3. Extra fire coming out of the back and the sides eventually
4. Shoot a whole group of special enemies and the powerup will be released for collection
5. You will get one chance to collect the firepower upgrade per level.
6. If ya miss it, there will be an opportunity on all levels.

With this all in mind, i am going to design and balance 20 levels of actual gameplay. This will give approximately 30-35 minutes of straight play through time. Though there will be both an endless mode and an ended mode (ended mode??).

should be good , and although these levels will vary in length, they should show quite a lot of different gameplay opportunites for aliens to attack you.


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