Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Midway "A True Story"

This is the story of a slightly overweight fella with nice hair. some say hair too nice for a beer swilling slob, but then they don't really know me. Noone really knows me. They all look at me as they pass me standing there playing games and think i am some sort of zombie. Some sort of dude, who occasionally plays a girl. At least when i do that i get some attention.

But this isn't about cross-gendering. This is about me. The real me, the one noone pays attention too. hold on, i need a beer....
Not a lot of choice for beer, but that's ok. I have had quite a few already. Probly why there are only a few left. I wonder though where the heck i have put my money. I realise now i came out without my pants on. That can happen when youre in a stupor. at least i remembered my glasses, or everything would be more blurred. I think i'll just take all the beer they have left. They can put it on my Tab.

Some small time later...

WOAH! I am feeling frisky. Geez, that was the good stuff. I need to go play some Poker, and then go meet some chicks in The Midway. That's a happening place.

Some small time later...

Ok The midway was great, but all those flashing lights have made me feel a bit queazy. Just too happening and too much fun, and that can lead to bad things. 'Buuurrrrp'. Maybe i need a lie down. Maybe after i use the potty.

Oh boy! you have no idea how much this stinks. Now get outta my face i need to finish up!

This was just One story of a guy, playing a guy in PS3 Home, and he has great hair too.

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