Sunday, March 28, 2010

Boss Health Bar

I am feeling a bit tired lately. Maybe it is the late nights and early mornings. They call it burning the candle at both ends, but i think i maybe burning the candle in the middle as well. I have a real day job as most will know working for Mass Media, and i have this Indie part time job. I am also a father of two with a wife and other interests, like keeping the house and stuff working :O

anyway, i have been procrastinating for some time now in putting in a heath bar for my bosses. I felt it wasn't retro enough etc. Well i put effects on the boss to show how damaged he is, but still i wasn't satisfied. Here  i got plain lazy. I just didn't wanna go to the hassle of puting up a special health bar for the bosses.

Tonight that has all channged, as i decided i should bite the bullet and put one in. Then see if i liked it or not. and .....

There it is. And i lurve it. LOL. If i had known how much i woulda liked it, i would have put it in weeks ago. Shows ya that although you can resist a good idea, it is hard to really justify not doing it. In this picture you can see the Boss firing a stream of bullets at me and at the very botton you can see my debug text, telling me where i am on a level (great for placing aliens).

Being tired like this i always want to go for short cuts. Not do an effect etc. With this planned as an 80MSP game, i should be taking shortcuts.. But somehow my consience and pride cannot do it. Oh i won't do all i could. That was put into Pellmell, and i know where that went. The way of original and complete games. So this one is complete, but a LOT more obvious what it is...

Could be time for some playtest i think. Even though i have test graphics... or do I ?

G'night all.

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