Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Midway, waiting for ?

I know you were all on tenterhooks wondering what my character was waiting for eh! I am also fairly sure that you expected me to reveal the answer next time.

I'll come clean and tell ya that i forgot about revealing any answers. Yup, i forgot i put in the question in the first place. I have been so caught up in finishing this place. It is so exciting, but the 3rd test produced some unexpected results and so I am worried about my delivery date to Sony (Monday!). However my Boss met with some great Sony Home dev dudes from England and the States yesterday at GDC and they have offered to help.

This is awesome news as i am sure they have a real toolset to with which to see where our performance drains are. Thanks in advance Sony dudes. Till we talk to them again, we are going to do some final tests on prizes and also make sure we crush our final 20 or so final thoughts (changes). all minor which is awesome.

Till then i leave ya with the new picture of my character revealing more of what he was waiting for. If i get chance tomorrow i will post up the Final and Revealing picture. Otherwise it'l be monday.


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