Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Smart Bomb type 3 is in

Yes it is true. I have three types of smart bomb for my shooter.

I know, i know. I coulda just done one. But where would the fun have been in that ?

I now have the....
The bullet halter and fader.
The Fruiterizer, which turns bullets into top shelf fruit.
The Revertinator, which turns all Alien bullets into Your bullets and fire them away from you.

They all have their own personalities, but in the end, they will all remove bullets off the screen, and give you a break from impending doom! And hey, who doesn't want a break from impending doom!

I was gonna post a picture, but undfortuneatly this last smartbomb does not show well in pictures, not like the fruiterizer. It is a multipart thing, i guess i could show a series of pictures, but i have no way atm to capture that. After all i use the print screen key on my keyboard. Yeeouch!

The writing of this smart bomb went very smooth. I knew what i wanted, and had all the routines already written for other purposes. So it went well. Makes a change it seems lately.

Now i would write about my PS3 Home story about Space Invaders, but that will have to wait till tomorrow. It has been a busy day, and a busy night ta boot.


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