Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Midway Prizes

Have i mentioned anything about prizes in The Midway scene, coming to a PS3 in the near future? No? Yeah.. Well yeah should have been the answer. Some people are obviously not reading back along my blog, or are new to it.

That above is a Prize board, and here are a few details about it.
1. It is the Prize board for a game called Frog Flinger (you may be familiar with that one ;)
2. It shows 5 prizes, though there is 10 prizes for the game.
3. The check marks depict prizes i have won.
4. The yellow border depicts the prize i am currently after.
5. The number on top is the Game number (think ID) 
6. The prizes are (from the bottom). T-shirt, Earring, Terrarium, Stuffed Frog, Froggy themed dressing gown.

As you progress the prize board will update, there is a prize board per minigame.

When you win a prize you get your name scrolling along in lights, so everyone else in the Scene can see just how good you are, and be jealous of the prizes you just won!

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