Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The midway Test #2

Above is where you can buy tickets to play the games.

Ok, so it was planned for Monday and didn't happen due to some unfotunate issues with Token/tickets. We solved the server spamming issues and were up and running correctly later in the evening. Too late for a real test though.

So Tuesday afternoon rolled around and were were ready. You could feel the anticipation from the people here at Mas media. Myself and the main programmer on the job were a little nervous, as we seriously hoped we had fixed a number of the issues that came out of the first test.

So with great fanfare 4:30pm rolled round. People had started popping in from, well from where avatars go when not in Home. The place took about 10 minutes to really get populated, i figured we needed at the very least 10 human players bashing on the games. Now buying tockens in the test sandbox are free, but we had of course implemented the tokens playing restriction. So everyone had to buy them and also clear their inventories of the previously won prizes. Yeah, sucked.. but we had fixed a few of those prizes, so had to have it fresh.

The test started well and we were seeing much better performance from the previous test. I was busy moving from one game to the next while observing what people were doing. Looking for anomalies, but hoping not to find any. Then all of a sudden a workmate comes to my cube and announces that he has crashed both his machines. Oh Noes, how did that happen, it was so stabel, 15 minutes in and he had two crashes. As it turns out though he had a 100% duplication. It was to press the 'Select' button. Woot! I had given out specific instructions not to do this, as bringing up that Sony menu causes us to run out of memory. This really should not happen and we of course have a ticket open with them as I speak (or type). So after that initial panic, we know it was aok to crash like this.. lol.

Then the test continued for about another 10 minutes. When we declared the test over. We had a couple of crashed machines, and they were all to do with memory running out. It appears that taking a picture in Home can also use our Dev memory. This is odd and i sure hope there is a fix in the works, or the real Runtime does not do this. Cos it's bad. They give me 9.2MB for Main memory, and then steal some for a menu or for a picture. That should not happen. Ya give me 9.2MB i am gonna use 9.2MB.. ok !?

The test was amazing. Even though we told people that the test was over they continued to play the games till way after the end. Most till told to get productive by their producers, lol. all in all an excellent test.

Today is wednesday and we would be doing a 3rd test, but this afternoon the sony servers are down. So no test as yet. We are coming to the end though. Next up is to test the Personal space we give away for FREE. Yup i said it here first :]


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