Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Midway and Frog Flinger

I realise i have been a bit lax lately on keeping the PS3Home area of ours called The Midway in the public eye. Ok, so i just haven't published any pictures, ggeeezz!

So here is one of the games.

As you approach Frog Flinger...
It has some nice signage and a lovely picture of a fron being flung, or is that flinged, lol.

Then as you get close you can see what the action is about. Once question that comes to mind is "Can i weild that hammer ?"
Trigger the minigame by entering the game from the X button woooH!

Above is what you actually see whilst playing the game. In fact i can answer that previous question as well. YES, you can use that hammer. It is carefully picked up by your avatar when you choose to play the game. Thgen you can smack the launching frogapult and see if you can time it well enough to land your frogs onto the spinning lillypads. now those lillypads turn quite slowly at first, but later they turn with a more devilish desire to make ya miss. You have to land three frogs out of 5 attempts to win a prize in this game. Remember there are 10, yes 10 prize levels in the game.

I hope that introduction to Frgo Flinger is interesting to people. It is the first real show of a minigame i have done, besides more of a tease. Now if i get some ineterst in this kind of review, i could expand it, or cover the other games in the same way.


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