Wednesday, January 6, 2010

When will the Home Space be finished?

This is an excellent question and one i have started with this new year. When developing anything and not being paid for it sounds great (does it ?). It also means that at some point everyone will need to be paid. So how to do it..

Well we are hoping (ok ok, expecting) to get a new project in a few weeks, and this will cover the half of the company that is currently working on the Home space. Then we can finish it up and get it out to the PS3. I am quite confident that it will be successful at that time and reimburse our development costs, and maybe just a bit more. It will however put us on the map as excellent technical creators for PS3 home.

Now what have i done for 3 days of work eh ? Well i have been organizing everyone to make sure they are working efficiently and also making lists. I check them twice but still miss stuff haha! Sorry lost it there. I have been making lists of what is left to be done to make this a publishable entity. I am surprised to say the list seems quite short, but a few of the items are a bit tricky still.

I am hopeful that although i will be moving some of the dev team off this space and onto our paying projects it will still be completed in about 6 weeks time. then its submission time with Sony and hopefully go through about a month later! WOOT!

So off i go back to my lists!

And along with all my book publishing efforts i am going to start soemthing i am calling 'A Shooter' - an Unoriginal Shooter'. It will be fun, and of course i love shooters!

Goodnight all.

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