Saturday, January 9, 2010

Well well Pellmell

Does that title rhyme ? hmm i am not so sure...

The point is that i have decided to do a Revamp of Pellmell. My shooter from mid 2008 that has not done well. Of course i believe it to have not done well because of certain factors. The name for example seems to confuse people, even though it is in the dictionary and describes the frenetic nature of my game quite well. Also the starting letter of P.

What what? i hear you mumble! Well being in the middle of the alphabet might be ok for normal words, but names of games for XBLIg seem to fare quite badly. With only 25 downloads in december the game just has no awareness. Nope, i will not rename it. So why am i revamping it then ? Well it is for a few reasons tbh. And it is the accumulation of these reasons that it is being done.

1. I saw i could make some improvements to the look of the title page. Easy ones, but ones that i feel would make a purchasing person more likely to buy.
2. I want to update the X Marketing screen. This is the page where i put up pictures of my other XBLIG products. The original has 2 games i won't be doing, and now i have a group of games to advertise properly. YAY!
3. In the game it states XBLCG and not the new name XBLIG. I wanted to change it
4. I want to have a reason for review sites to review the game. A revamp should do it.
5. A few of the levels are hard, and i wanted to smooth them out a bit.
6. I wanted to make one of the firepowers slightly different. This is now done by adding in the fact it fires forwards AND backwards at the same time! Woot1 get those dirty enemies lurking behind ya!
7. The bloom is too much on the pages with lots of Text, that had to be lowered!

I am sure i have other reasons but those are the most essential.

The mods have been done now. It has taken me all week but it looks great! I am really pleased with the changes i have made (oh, and a few bug fixes!)

So it is nearly ready to go. A bit more testing on the Xbox and a picture added for my next shooter game and it will be ready for submission.

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