Thursday, January 28, 2010

A DLC Game sales update

The game hasn't sold too many more and on it's second day it managed to get to
1620 downloads. This is more of a drop off from the first day than i was hoping.

I believe the dropoff is for 3 main factors...
1. No longer a weekend day, and i would expect for activity over a weekend, probably including friday night. This interesting fact (if it was indeed fact) would make me have to make a decision about just what day i would release my game.
2. It is further down the new releases list. The further down the list on the Xbox it is, the less visibile it is. So the less people will see it to download it. Not nuch i can think of to do about this, besides having great boxart, which i think this game has, but it's never gonna be as good as it shrink away.
3. A lot of people would have seen the initial tweet about it's release and downloaded it. If this is how they learned of it then it was a one time deal. I do not have the kind of tweeter connections that Xbox or some people have to help this with my retweets of interesting info etc. I guess i need to never stop working on building my twitter connections.

Does anyone agree with my sumations above ? I hope ths info is useful to others with their new releases.

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