Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Publishers in a list

Last night Paul and myself worked diligently on the publishers list i had created. I had a list of 17 possible childrens book publishers to go at. Last nigth was the night we were going to wrok through them and come up with a more final list to send off the manuscript, once we are ready.

Well we debated that we should just mail a copy to all the publishers on my list, but somehow i argued out of that. The main reason was we needed to check each companies cubmission requirements, which varied a little all over the board. From needing a SASE to not wanting one at all.

Anyway it started well enough as we found good possible publishers that did picture books in our age range etc. Then we hit a hard place where some of the these companies want books only as young as 8, or need to be chapter books only etc. This was a bit of a downer, but eventually we ended up with a list we feel good about.

It has ended up being
5 publishers want snail mail,
2 publishers want email,
1 publisher wants specialized books, and we have one haha! (not 5GC though).

So we are going to be sending out 7 in all hopefully over the weekend, or it will be next tuesday night. I did fill out a submission request form for an agent a week ago, and have just gottena reply. This excites me greatly and also makes me nervous. So we shall see how that pans out.

Our favourite publisher from books we liked the look of, and the fact the artwork was charming is called.
Shenanigans book publishers. Excellent place. Even if i cannot fins the web address atm, bah!

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