Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Arcade games cannot talk to anyone in PS3 Home

Here we are, having written an Arcade game for a home space. We now want to record the high score table and send it to the other people in your personal space. Seems easy enough when not really knowing anything about Home.

Well it is not easy. It appears that the Arcade game cannot communicate with any other object in the scene. what apain in the neck. So if we use a server it will work, but sony are in the middle of changing their protocols and system for that. So we do not want to mess with that currently. so how are we going to do this, Well i do not know at this time, but i have some great minds thiinking of ways to get er done.

Like moving objects around in the scene out of eyeshot, and then working out what their positions mean etc :D sounds cool, but the arcade game cannot move objects in the scene.

ahh well, we shall see.

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