Monday, January 4, 2010

DLC is pulled

The process of going through Peer review was going fine. I did have a few comments asking about a couple of things, which was ok. Noone had failed it however. Well, not till someone did citing that all the pages could be read backwards in the trial version.

Well this caused me to remove the game from peer review. Although as it turns out, the commentator was actually wrong. Still it got me to add in a few more features and erm... i will now be able to redo the values for content like maturity rating etc. Even though i feel this game is an E for everyone title, it still has to go under Microsofts rating system, which is a little more wanting of knowledge than the movie or games industry in general.

The issue i now face is the 7 days in jail. Yeah, i already added all the features etc.. and so am lost as to what to do with it for the next 6 days. I think i will ponder what else i could add.

Ahh well, maybe better luck next time.

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