Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The 5GC cover letter

So my friend Paul and I worked on the cover letter last night.

He had luckily made some notes on what should be in the covering letter, and i agreed whole heartedly with his list. This was to be a great start to the letter. Then we went through each key point in order and expanded them, then we shrunk them, then we de-Hyped them. Yeah, most of what we initially came up with for each point would be considered hype. Hype is something we do not want in the letter.

For example we put in something like 'Takes the reading interaction to a whiole new level'. This is Hype and so eventaully was replaced with something we consider more factual like 'connects the reader and listener'. This it does, it does not however take them to a new level,.. did they even have an old level haha!

This process of disecting the points in the notes and creating them into stand alone sentences was good. Once we had them all done we reorganised the letter to make more sense and flow better. That went quite fast, but then we needed to sort of the fact that two sentences can start the same way now. 'This book' was a popular part of many sentences, and so we edited most all of them out (in fact one still exists).

Finally we had a letter that wasn't repetitive in any way and gave out information in a decisive manner. We were finaly happy with our first draft. It only took us about 1.5 hours or maybe a little more. All this for only about a 3rd of a page as well haha!

Now we have this first draft we will sit on it for a week and see if we want to alter any of it. Then we will go into the finding of publishers and Agents to send the manuscript and letter off to.

As to the question i posed about how hard can it be... Well harder than one would expect is now my answer.

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