Monday, January 25, 2010

Collective Production

The idea that all those individuals around the world can ccreate more than a dedicated company is quite inetersting to me. The idea that if all those people that are currently connected by the Internet could get together and produce more original ideas and complete ideas is rather striking.

Unlike BMW or IBM or any otehr think tank organisation, the people around the world are just not pulling as one resource. they are not pulling anywhere near in a single direction, so they must be pulling in a million alternative directions with their thoughts and ideas.

What if we could get just a msall percentage of people to pull in the same direction, along the same lines etc. The power would be astounding. the possibilities amazing! Imagine a million people pulling towards a single goal, that would have to have the mere few thousand employees at IBM completely out matched.

So how do we achieve it? Hmm, i haven't the answer to that yet, but maybe i could try to get all those people around the world to help answer it ..... DOH!

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