Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Friend Terry

Krakout on the C64, Art by Terry Lloyd.. Awesomeness!

Terry Peter Lloyd is a great friend of Mine. We have been separated now for a good deal of time since he went back to England and i remained here in the states.

I worked with Terry for a number of years on a variety of games but i just want to mention a few of those games here today. The old Commodore 64 games that i did were nearly always worked on by Terry. He was the main artist and had a really intuitive and controlled way with the strange graphic style that was on the C64. I used to love working through them, nad he did some of my favourite ever graphics for one of my games. The game was Car-Vup, but that was for Atarti and Amiga and i wasn't gonna mention them.. DOH!

So onto C64 graphics, Why have i mentioned them? Well it has to do with my previous post. The one where i say i want my newest game to be very reminiscent of C64 shoot-em-up stylings. Now i can do the graphics, but it takes me a while tbh. This means i am spending less time on the playtesting and play balancing. The play balancing is soemthing that i think is ridiculously important, and something that is missing from most of the XBLIG games at present. However with the newer sales reports going out about improved sales penetration, i am sure we will get better developers being busy in XBLIG, though i think that has already happened to some extent.

Dang, here i go waffling again. Onto Terry. He is awesome, and i think i may have to get him to look over my graphics after i have finished them, or maybe i should ask him if he is interested in doing them from scratch. Now i am working with Paul Hoffmeier from Tall waiter productions, so cannot just make this decision without chatting with him. But i can Blog about it haha!

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